Sunday, January 15, 2012

Waiting for Africa Cup of Nations

I am eagerly waiting for the Africa Cup of Nations. Once again its a chance to feast upon some superb football journalism from In the past too, they have come up great articles from during ACN.

This article here is about Demba ba and the Senegal team. Senegal thronged in the international scene with a massive upset victory over France in the 2002 world cup. But that team went astray, they never could reach anywhere close to that level.

This time around Senegal seems to be a formidable contender for the African title and the charge is led by Demba Ba who is the second top scorer in the English Premier league with 15 goals. Demba Ba is not alone, there seems to be a host of Senegalese forwards who are doing really well across various leagues.

Hopefully Guardian continues their good from Gabon and Equitorial Guinea come this month end.

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