Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A short Nehru Cup preview

Nehru Cup is back again. Matches are live on Neo-Sports/Prime starting today with India taking on Syria. I am late to the show, so i wont delve in to the finer details regarding the team and so on. A good account is available here

What excites ?

  • Wim Koevermans takes charge of the national team.
  • Expecting some Dutch flavor and total football tactics. Welcome change from the Bob-ping-Houghton era.
  • Youngsters and players who are on form are selected to the team unlike earlier, where big names and veterans automatically got inducted in to the fold.
 The skeptic's problem!

  • 600 Rs.  - This isn't probably the time for haggling but some skeletons have tumbled out. Unconfirmed sources say Indian national football team players receive only 600 Rs as daily allowance and they don't have a thing called match fees yet. More of that here.
  • Sponsor less - This edition of Nehru Cup is going to happen without the backing of a sponsor. ONGC, the public sector company which had backed the tournament since its reinstatement in 2007 did not show the same kind of mercy they did last few years. Testing times indeed. Catch more of that here.

As always , i am supporting this team with a belief that better is yet to come. 

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