Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Voice - The Musical Rang De Basanti

Pentagram the Indian - Electronic-Rock and now "punk" band is back with another album. I have listened to their earlier album - Up. Up had pretty well balanced songs with decent lyrics and music. As it was more of an electronic album than a rock album - it created more of squeaky, creaky and monotonous sounds. I used to listen to Up when i get back to bed, my thoughts and their creaky-squeaky sounds clash and i used to slip from thoughts to sound and sound to thoughts and finally in to slumber without much hassles. As usual, the tape was flicked by someone and then back to good old rock.
"Voice" the new single aired on VH1 caught my attention because there was a lot of hoopla behind it . VH1 and Nokia together wanted the audience to shoot a video for this single. It is nice way of cost reduction - wonder Vishal has done some 6 sigma course in streamlining processes involved in music to earn better profits out of it. The video which shows some incoherent clippings by some maniacs around the country and some quotes and captions floating across the screen. Quotes include - smoking kills, no reservation, my voice and so on. Now that very well squares up the much needed social commitment, earning musicians should show.
After Rang de Basanti, the Indian entertainment industry never really ventured in to this very new arena of social changes and the valiant struggles involved in it. Though RDB proved to be a success, bollywood never had the guts to go in that direction. It is because of the unpredictability involved with the movie going masses. The trend ended there, with RDB. But now Pentagram is back with "voice" in a much cheaper and affordable way to kindle the revolutionary mindsets of the x-box crowd (Check the Video).
Lyrics of this song is also baffling. Definitely you will find people who will identify with this song. Now that should be the reason why VH1 is promoting this song and why Vishal- the lead singer of this band and very successful bollywood music director took the risk of making this album.
are we gonna ask the questions that scare me

I suppose, we need to constantly ask disturbing questions, ain't it?

are we gonna break the bonds of silence -
Not really. if so, ain't there so much of silence?

will i find the truth in my reflection -
How will you and me answer this, for, this should be a self inquisitive question.

will i see the meaning of my defiant -
Most probably not because we are not endowed with such a longevity
cuz there are words that must be said -
Enough and more!!

and there are words that must be heard
Very true - But whose, mine? Yours? or from those crowd in the video? Oh... no!

and that they're not as really quite absurd
May be not, but the video doesn't suggest so!

and there's a footstep in the clouds
True, all i know is that, for sure, the crowd in the video doesn't have their legs planted on earth!

and there is warmth in drops of rain
Hmm.. May be up there in the clouds, yes it might be warm - but down here rains have moulded themselves in to these devilish macho creatures wrecking havoc! it is not any more the light romantic drizzle!!

and there's a meaning to the words i say
Are you talking about the gringopalagos caviar and cataviore salad??
i need a voice now
Oh... i am helpless

come be my voice now
Me?? No way!!

find me a voice now .... yeah
Helpless.. again...

come be my voice now
Me?? No way!!

give me that choice now
Hey what the heck? I thought choice is the buzzword of this century!

you be my voice now
Bhaaak Saale.. Voice..!!
I thought i will disect this song-Lyrics in black, Comments in red. I dont have any kind of business interest in flogging this venture. I dont beleive in this song, its motive - selling "voices" for better choices, against reservation, against smoking, against the so called system that tolerates and accomodates everyone. Yes it is repressive and chaotic but it moves on taking time to dole out justice and equality. There is another section of crowd who have been waiting for years and years - always scorened at, who beleives in myth and magic and reel out of poverty. Voice & Choice is not all "Voices" ,for, i beleive - it is not me who needs a voice but someone else . This is only the musical Rang De Basanti!! I am hoping to see some crowd back on streets and occasional mails thronging my inbox quoting Pentagram!


Anonymous said...

really, dont ever do tht to a songs' lyrics ever again.

Anonymous said...

truee..jus shows how insolent u r

Anonymous said...

dude .... thats a really stupid attitude towards someone that knows and sees beyond what you see ..... you seem to believe they dont mean what they say, or it doesn't make sense ...... what do you listen to man ..... not tull, or reznor, or anbody that goes beyond pretty music ....... cmon man ..... im sure u see a lot more than that ...... and if u dont .... then start trying today .....
what's ur issue anyway man ???? these guys know what they're talking about ..... and what they dont .... they're trying to find out ..... they dont hide behind their god only gives a fuck attitude ....... learn to respect it man .... it aint easy. why dont u try to think about it for a change? or better yet ..... go do something about it!

Anant said...

can't write a line ,can you? that doesn't stop you though , from sticking in your motherfucking nose.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This guy doesn't know what he is talking about but boy he talks a lot.

clash said...

Hmmm... all the anony trolls. i dont bother giving a friggin answer to you people.

@Anant: I hope, vishal can give something better than a mutha fuckkin nonsense :Musafir. Pity you.

Anonymous said...

hah! what a fucking looser.....

Anonymous said...

hi clash.
i guess this comment comes late.
nonetheless i'ld like to say that u're fighting it out well. and dont mind these 'dude whats ur problem' assholes man. stick it out. we need people to stick it out at them. we're in our current state coz everyone's so 'chilled'.
wonder what happened to the warmth of the human blood man.

dude i analysed this one line out of the song... about the warmth of the rain...

i'd like to tell them about the warmth of the rain.

while at college in calcutta, i'd come back after hours at someplace else, a rock den of the city. now calcuta is a city that sleeps at 6 in the morning. and m house was near most of the night clubs. so walking back home one night i saw the water cloggs on the streets rippling to the sidewalk beds of many children, wetting them making it very difficult to sleep. water rippled by cars of clubers, chillers, pople like the pople here say who know what they're doing. so in time my own apartment was a house for the street children, with ore than 15 kids sleeping in at the same time.

so that's alittle about the warmth of the rain in our country.

what a shame we close our eyes and project a sense of better vision.

'man u dont know what its like when i close my eyes'

motherfuckers u dont know what its like with my eyes wide open.

clash u keep your good work up man. hope u get to read this comment.

and anonymous 1-6 fuck ya'll.

pentagram man. chill man. fucking get an erection u mutherfuckers.
n then talk heavy rock.